Remedy Oak

Sunday 2nd September 2018

10:00am start

Yes, it is a rather strange name but there is a reason behind it! The legend goes that back in the 16th century, King Edward VI (who came to the throne at age 9!) apparently had special powers because of this, whereby he could cure people suffering from a skin disease known as scrofula, which was a disease that affected the lymph nodes in the neck, it was commonly known as ‘King’s Evil’. It was believed that if you were touched by the monarch of England or France, you would be cured of this horrible illness. The process was known as being, ‘touched for King’s Evil’. It would be nice if this were true but personally I am a bit sceptical! The tree itself is right by the side of the road (not actually in the wood) and although it is very big it can easily be missed.

Remedy Oak/Boys Wood is situated near to the small village of Woodlands, near Verwood. Parking is possible on Whitmore Lane for approx 6 cars and the main road through the village is wide enough for more cars, neither road is busy. From these points it is a short walk to the wood itself.


See HERE for exact meeting/parking area.