DFG Membership 2023

The annual subscription is £10.00 per adult expiring on 30th April each year.

There is no charge for children (under 16) attending forays but they MUST be accompanied by an adult (we cannot accept unaccompanied children on forays).

For any membership enquiries please contact: membershipsecretary@dorsetfungusgroup.com 


If you would like to join us on a foray please arrive at the advertised venue by 09.30-09.45 if you can (unless a particular foray has an earlier start time).

If it is your first visit we do still gratefully accept cash on the day, just locate our membership secretary who will be pleased to sort you out!

If you would like to join us it is now very easy to pay your membership subs directly into the DFG account which is the preferred method. More details can be found on the membership form below. If paying by this method please can you still download and print out both sides of the membership form, and sign and return both, either in person at a foray, to the postal address shown on the form, or by email attachment to membershipsecretary@dorsetfungusgroup.com so we know who you are!

Membership Form: 

Member Document: