Foray Programme 2023

Please note that if anyone requires a list of what we find at any of these forays please email and we will gladly provide them.

Please bear in mind that this programme may well be subject to modification. However, forays are very rarely called off due to weather conditions, unless it is exceptionally inclement! Changes will always be shown here so PLEASE check this page before setting out to join a foray.

Please also note that some of these forays will be at SSSI sites or private property etc, so at these venues there will be STRICTLY NO PICKING, if this is the case they will be clearly marked as such on the below list, so please take note!

DFG members are more than welcome to a copy of the finds list for each of the forays listed below (a few days after) simply by contacting the Foray Secretary who can then email it in PDF form.

All forays start at 10:00 am unless indicated otherwise.

Please be aware that if during any foray some form of emergency crops up or you find yourself detached from the main group and leader(s) please call the DFG dedicated mobile on 07375 996014 

Number Date Location
I  3rd September 2023  Delph Wood
 2  10th September 2023 Higher Hyde Heath
 3  17th September 2023 Breach Wood 
 4  24th September 2023 Upton Heath (south)
 5  1st October 2023 Cannon Hill
 6  8th October 2023 Avon Heath Country Park (NATIONAL FUNGUS DAY)
 7  15th October 2023 Sherford Bridge/Wareham Forest
 8  22nd October 2023 Mockbeggar Lakes, Ringwood
 9  29th October 2023 Milton Abbas
 10  5th November 2023 Sugar Hill/Wareham Forest
 11  12th November 2023 Hardy’s Birthplace 
 12  19th November 2023 Wimborne Road Cemetery
 13  26th November 2023 Ringwood Forest
 14  3rd December 2023 Culpeppers Dish